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Message from Rally Controller


Hello, My name’s Richard, but at Bloxham, I go by the name of “Rally Control”.

This will be my fifth Rally and I’ve still got a lot of learning to do about the exhibits we have on the showground – but my job is to make sure that all our visitors and exhibitors have a safe and enjoyable visit – and that the event runs smoothly and without incident.

If all is going well, I will be sitting in my little cabin in the Main Field with a silent walkie-talkie by my side, a cup of tea in my hand and a calm expression on my face.  

So what do I do?  I coordinate the security and medical teams on the site and handle calls for assistance from anyone on the Rally Fields.  I manage the arrivals and departures of the exhibitors and the arena and entertainment programmes.  I keep the Rally Committee in check (never an easy task) and solve issues and problems before they become incidents and crises!  I keep toilets clean, bins empty, generators full, radios charged, car parks filled and emptied, aircraft flying and anything else practical.

If you have any lost property or lost children (or lost parents for that matter) – it, or they, will come to me.  If you have any concerns about health & safety, suspicious packages or behaviour or just think something looks wrong it will come to me.  
However, if you have a question about a steam engine or a cast iron seat or a living caravan or a steam organ then I will respectfully defer to one of my colleagues, the section leaders because they know a lot more about these things……….

Rally Controller

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