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Contact Details

For General Enquiries use this contact form, for more specific enquiries see links below.

If you require a postal address, please email us using the General Enquiries form. 

General Enquiries

Some of these contacts below are email links, some are general forms and some are specific forms using Google Forms. They are all valid means of contacting us about the rally or applying and submitting forms online.

Rally Controller Enquiries

Richard Millward

Steam Engine Enquiries

Classic Caravan Enquiries

Chris Acock

Rural Craft Enquiries

Richard Humphries

Media Enquiries

Vintage Horticultural Machinery

Food Fayre Marquee

General Public Camping

Classic Motorcycles

Classic Car Enquiries

Nick Robinson


Historical Commercial Enquiries

Miniature Steam Enquiries

Craft Tent Enquiries

Exhibitor Camping

Animal Enquiries

Ex-military Vehicles Enquiries

Gavin Howard

Classic Tractor Enquiries

Stationary Engine Enquiries

Richard Humphries

Sponsorship Manager

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