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Fluffy Retreat is a volunteer-run charity that was established officially in 2011 and became a registered charity in October 2015. Our primary focus is the rehabilitation and rehoming of ferrets who find themselves no longer in a loving home, or who can no longer be looked after by their owners.

Many ferrets come to us as strays; underweight, covered in ticks and fleas and are scared and hungry. It can take many months to rehabilitate some ferrets and our rehabilitation and neutering program is tailored to each ferret's individual needs. Sometimes we take in ferrets who cannot be rehomed due to temperament, health or age and we offer these a lifetime home either here at the rescue or in supported foster care with our volunteers.

Fluffy Retreat is based in Wiltshire and has volunteers across the Southwest. We are a small charity with big hearts and do what we can to support ferret owners and other rescue services where possible.
There will be ferret racing during the weekend so come and meet the team and talk about all things ferret.

Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue

Hawk Walk

Hawkwalk is a small, family-owned and run business giving unique experiences for falconry in Oxfordshire. They have over 26 years experience of working with British birds of prey and now pride themselves on being one of the only falconers with a wide collection of British birds. Falconry is quintessentially English, and the Oxfordshire countryside provides a rural and idyllic setting for a bird-of-prey experience. 
Come and meet Dave the falconer & the birds, he is extremely knowledgeable and happy to talk to you about the birds that will be on display throughout the weekend. You may even get the chance to meet Betty, the raven.

Wildlife Displays

Wildlife Displays was formed by Bryan in 1978 offering Falconry and Birds of Prey displays for village fetes and the like at a time when there were very few similar display teams in existence. Today Bryan is one of the most respected wildlife display presenters giving displays throughout the UK at many of the leading attractions. During recent years Bryan has received requests from show organisers to display and talk about some of the more unusual animals which he keeps in his collection. This has developed over the years into Bryan presenting an animal lecture service to schools and other interested groups and appearing in many television programs. Bryan’s display at this year’s rally may include snakes, spiders, insects, meerkats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc, many of which can be touched enabling show visitors the opportunity of a HANDS-ON experience they may not have had before. Bryan is very keen to get children involved in his presentations as he strongly believes that giving children the opportunity to learn about some of these more unusual animals at close quarters will perhaps encourage some of them to become conservationists of the future.
If you have never visited this stand at previous Rallies be sure to take a look. You will be amazed!

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