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Models & Rural Bygones

This section is manly enthusiastic model makers that as a hobby try to re create items of the past on a smaller scale.So that the younger generation can relate to the things of long ago. Each and every model is either made from scratch or bought to restore, to generate questions and queries. Vehicles such as traction engines, what they did generating energy to run different things.


Fairgrounds, field ploughing, woodsawing, the list is endless. We have Dioramas of circus, fairground farm and railways all of the past .Plus we have a section of boats.

It is a collection of the past Things that are parents and grandparents used .The memorabilia of years gone by when we did not have I/pads etc.

From paraffin lamps not electric ,to gypsy caravans,horse drawn,not luxury travel towed by 4x4.Spectacles not contact lens.That were made in 1725 .Vintage cycles and Tricycles.

Models and Bygones Gallery

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